Benefits of Keyed Alike Locks

Benefits of Keyed Alike Locks
Locks that are “Keyed Alike” are a set of locks, all designed to be opened by a single key. Hence the term “Keyed Alike”.
Keyed Alike Locks help save time, by allowing the owner to open several locks with a single Master Key.
The main advantage of keyed alike locks is to avoid the need to carry around a different bunch of keys for different locks. However, here are a few other advantages:
Keying Home locks alike enhances the convenience of carrying a single key, as well as an ease of opening locks, not having to sort through a bunch of keys to find the right one.
Contrary to belief, keyed alike locks are just as secure as locks that are keyed to differ. While there is no difference in the level of security, keyed alike locks save time & effort.
When Locks are “keyed to differ”, the owner has to look through a bunch of keys to find the right key for each lock. Keyed alike locks help save time here.
Space-Saving & Comfort:
Carrying a bunch of Keys in your Pocket is not the most comfortable thing. Having one key for all (or a set) of your locks is ideal.
With Locks that are “Keyed Alike”, gaining access through a locked door would be easier in the case of an emergency than with regular “keyed to differ” locks.

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