Tornado North Carolina NWS National Weather Service fails to get out warning over NWS radio school bus with kids

The National Weather Service in Raleigh said they issued a tornado warning at 3:57. A cop called a funnel or tornado in at 3:54. Warning didn’t go over NWS radio until 4:00pm. Phone warnings for me took until 3:59. Kids were put at risk, people were put at risk. If the tornado strengthened a little people very likely could have died as cars were crossing where the tornado crossed and a mobile home was hit.

Here is a site saying the warning was issued 3:55 pm, tornado seen on radar at 3:54pm I thought the warnings were automated but yeah 3:55 is not 3:57 and it was 4:00 when the NWS radio called it. My car clock is 2 minutes fast and you can see it in my videos.

Again the National Storm Prediction Center says that damage occured at 3:56pm north of rt 24 near Stedman but the tornado had been on the ground for over 2 minutes as seen in damage to the sw and again the NWS radio broadcast is 4:00.

Corbell Rd was hit with the tornado a mile south of rt 24 as the tornado moved north,+Stedman,+NC+28391/@34.9973047,-78.6983655,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89ab0af3572247f3:0xe13de6e5fd996c3a

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