Liberty Safes – Review of the Revere 23 by Liberty Safes

Revere 23 made by Liberty Safes. It comes in three colors – granite, gray marble, and textured black. It’s got the 3 spoke handle and also comes equipped with an
electronic lock.

Now, the battery is underneath the lock so if the battery goes dead you can just change the battery out and it you won’t lose your combination. If someone knocks this off and punches the lock in it’ll set off two re-locking devices that will lock them out immediately. And if they try to drill it they’ll hit a hard-plate.

The Revere 23 gun safe is a brand new model that came out this year. Made in the USA! It has 30 minutes of fire protection and the outside dimensions are thirty inches wide, five feet high, and 22 inches deep.

It has bolts on both sides of the door and the great think about this safe is that it has a 3 in 1 flexible interior which we like because you can put guns on both sides or you can just put them on one side, the left or right side.

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